Deborah Ferrari

The University of São Paulo

Deborah V. Ferrari, PhD, is a professor of audiology at the Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Department, School of Dentistry of Bauru, University of São Paulo, Brazil. She obtained her PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior from Institute of Psychology, University of São Paulo, Brazil. She has conducted several studies and actions on audiology telehealth, including the participation in the Telehealth Brazil Networks – one of the largest public funding telehealth programs in the world. In partnership with the Hospital Samaritano in Sao Paulo, the University of Sao Paulo, and the Brazilian Ministry of Health, Deborah Ferrari is part of the group who is developing an Auditory Rehabilitation Distance Learning Course to train hearing care professionals on how to provide family-centered, audiologic rehabilitation services to infants and toddlers. She is a member of the Teleaudiology/Telehealth Committees in two of the largest Audiology associations, and served as a consultant for the Brazilian Council for SLP-Audiology which culminated in the legalization of telehealth in the SLP-Audiologist’s practice in Brazil in 2009.